In Forest of the Dead the Doctor had rigged up his sonic screwdriver to copy out the minds of people who died in it's vicinity and transmit them into the security computer of the library —on 'the Doctor Moon'. » 8/30/14 10:49pm 8/30/14 10:49pm

Surely it's because it's a morpheme, and not just any morpheme, the original morpheme, the morpheme of darkness, the sound that wants 'More! More!', and then it builds from there. » 3/14/14 12:24am 3/14/14 12:24am

This woman was clearly in the wrong, however, at every point where these cops could have worked to de-escalate the situation, they ratcheted it up a notch. » 11/20/13 1:15am 11/20/13 1:15am

Cashews aren't nuts, they're seeds, and macadamia nuts aren't nuts, either, they're some kind of mammoth boogers dug out of a frozen mammoth nose with a specialized trowel that are partly fossilized like a boogerous ambergris. » 6/18/13 3:01am 6/18/13 3:01am